Felting has been practiced for centuries and is one of the oldest methods of creating fabric known to man.  In the past it has been quite a laborious task, but now there is a new way to felt that is truly revolutionizing the way we do it.  Let us introduce you to Artfelt®

Prior to Artfelt®, there were various methods of felting, the most popular being wet felting, needle felting, and fulling.   All three methods create a felted material of some sort, but all three also require a tremendous amount of either time or physical effort.  Artfelt® combines the best attributes of all three methods with a new patented paper developed to ease and speed up the felting process.  This special paper allows one to felt extremely simple to incredibly complex pieces with minimal space and little physical effort.  It allows one to create a felted material that can be thick or thin, precise or abstract, and the whole process can be accomplished with very little experience and in a minimal amount of time.

Felting Made Easy!